St Louis 2010

This past week we took an extended-weekend vacation to St Louis. We wanted to have one last vacation for just us two before the baby got here. We had to narrow our choices a little bit since Jennifer is 8 months pregnant. We knew we were gonna drive, because we were to nervous for her to fly. Then we figured about a 4 hour drive would about the most Jennifer would be able to do without getting uncomfortable. In the end we went with St Louis and we were very happy we did.

Westin Hotel – Downtown St Louis

We ended up staying at the Westin Hotel which is right across the street from Busch Stadium. It was a very good decision. We didn’t have to worry about traffic or parking and it only took 2 minutes to get to the stadium from our hotel room. We were within walking distance to some nice steak houses and the Arch. The hotel was really nice and I’m pretty sure we will stay there again the next time we go to St Louis. Jennifer had been having problems sleeping the last few weeks, but slept great every night at the hotel. So good that she wants to buy a bed from the hotel.

St Louis Cardinals

Of course I was most excited about getting to see 3 baseball games while we were there. My favorite team the Atlanta Braves were in town and we got to see them play Wednesday and Thursday. The Thursday game was a day game so we got to the park around 10:30am to watch batting practice. I was like a 10 year old kid watching players come out of the dugout. I ended up standing right down the third base line next to the Braves dugout watching some of the players play catch. Then Chipper Jones came over and started signing autographs. He ended up standing right in front of me and he signed my ticket. A few minutes later a few Braves players were doing some fielding drills and one of threw a ball right to me. Needless to say I was very excited about getting an autograph and a ball.

Fox Theatre

On Saturday night we had tickets to see the show Avenue Q. We ate right across the street from the theatre at a place called Kota Wood Fire Grill that was very good. The restaurant and theatre were only 2-3 miles from our hotel which was really nice. I didn’t know much about the show except that people walked around with puppets the whole time. It ended up being hilarious, but I’ll warn you it is very much a rated R puppet show for adults. I know that sounds weird, but there was a lot of cursing and some people would be offended by the material.


We went to two mall/shopping places Union Station and St Louis Mills. We took the Metro Link to get which took maybe 2 minutes from downtown. It’s really nice on the inside, but they didn’t really have a lot of stores. I’d say half of them were solely dedicated to selling Cardinals merchandise. The best part of Union Station was that it actually had a couple of restaurants you could eat at. The St Louis Mills was about a 25 minute drive north of downtown. It was also really nice on the inside and had a lot more options when it came to stores. It was your typical mall that had a food court, but across the street it also had a couple of restaurants.

The trip ended up being a perfect “pre-baby” vacation. The only downside was Friday night it stormed pretty bad and we had to spend an hour in the basement of the hotel because of a tornado warning. Thankfully we weren’t down there that long and the tornado warning was a false alarm. I’m sure we’ll end up taking another trip to St Louis in the future. I’m just curious to see how different it will be having a child with us :)

Jacob Cook
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