St. Louis Sports Weekend

Hanging Out

Atlanta Braves at St Louis CardinalsWell I had a pretty good time this past weekend. I got to spend 3 days of doing nothing, but watching MLB & NFL games. Live. In person. Jennifer and I kinda have this “vacation agreement” that gives me these opportunities.

Jennifer gets to decide what we do for our “big vacation”, which is basically a week long trip. So far she has pretty much picked Disneyworld every year. Although she has said she wants to mix in a cruise sometime soon. So of course this year we’re going to Disneyworld. Only this time it’s a little more special because we’ll actually have a child with us. Yes, this will be Siler’s first ever Disneyworld trip.

Since Jennifer chooses our week long vacations, that leaves me with a couple of short/mini/3-day vacations to choose what we do. For the most part I pick a couple of sporting events for us to attend. This past weekend worked out as a really well because I was able to watch two sports.

The Braves are my MLB team of choice and I try to go see them play anytime they are in St. Louis. Friday night was the start of a 3 game series against the Cardinals. We got to downtown St. Louis around 5:00 pm and it had been sprinkling off and on for about a hour. We were a little worried the game might get delayed. Thankfully it didn’t rain any more that night and the weather ended up being awesome. Our seats were about 10 rows behind home plate (thank you Stubhub). Former Cardinal/Brave Brian Jordan even walked right by us.

2006 Cardinals World Series RingThe usher in our section was this really nice older lady. When she was walking around Jennifer and I noticed she had some huge bling bling on her finger. The next inning when she came by I thought it looked like a World Series ring. I asked her about it and said the Cardinals allowed all their employees to buy em. Then she even let me take a picture with it on.

Saturday we ended up walking around downtown St. Louis and ate at Don Shula’s 347 Grill. It was awesome, one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Jennifer got a blue cheese burger and it was by far the best hamburger I’ve ever tasted in my life. That afternoon we even went by the Galleria mall and let Jennifer do some shopping. That night we went back to Busch stadium to watch some more MLB.

Drew Rosenhaus - My New AgentOn Sunday we got a little early so we could check out by 10:00 am. We had plans to go the Rams vs Eagles game that it started it noon. The stadium was only like 6 blocks from our hotel, but we had to get there extra early. A friend of a friend was able to get us pre-game field passes and I didn’t want to miss any of it. We get ushered into the stadium through the tunnels and there is a ton of security and other personnel walking around. Then we go through one of the tunnels right there on the field. The players were all warming up, commentators were setting up for pregame and people like NFL films were walking around taking pictures. Brian Billick, Sal Paolantonio and other reporters were all there. I even got to take a picture with sports agent Drew Rosenhaus. So for an hour and half we are just walking around the sidelines and watching people warm up. Mike Vick, DeSean Jackson, Ronnie Brown, Jeremy Maclin, Vince Young, Sam Bradford & Steven Jackson are all there. Some are maybe 5 feet away warming up or standing around. At one point I was standing right next to Drew Rosenhaus watching them warm up, when DeSean Jackson (one of his clients) came over and gave him a hug. It was tempting to reach over and join in, but I didn’t want to weird em out. Jennifer almost got ran over by a few Eagles linemen. They were doing some drills and got close enough to make her jump back. After that we watched the game from the stands and then went home.

Overall it was an awesome weekend. The Braves lost all 3 games, but I think that was Jennifer’s fault. I’m pretty sure she is bad luck because the Braves lost all 3 games in St. Louis the last time I took her.The pre-game sideline stuff was by far the best part. It’ll probably ruin any NFL game I go to in the future if I don’t get to hang out on the sidelines.

The video below is a a breakdown of the entire weekend. And here some more pictures I posted to Flickr: #StLouis2011

You can see watch the video on YouTube in HD by clicking the following url: