St Louis 2012 – 30th Birthday

Hotel Ignacio

Well, we just finished another relaxing and fun St Louis trip and this time we actually took some friends with us. Todd and Melanie were nice enough to help Jennifer and I celebrate my 30th birthday. It was an extended weekend trip with tons of good food and good music.

Fox Theatre
Usually when we go to St Louis we stay downtown and as close to Busch Stadium as we can get, because typically our main goal is watch some baseball, but not this time. This time we stayed at Hotel Ignacio, which is about a block from the Fox Theatre. I was very impressed with Hotel Ignacio, it’s staff, rooms and location. It’s not your typical hotel. The building only has 40 or so rooms and is connected to an upscale motorcycle shop. At the bottom of this post there are few pictures of the hotel.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and had dinner at the Kota Wood Fire Grill. Jennifer and I ate here the last time we stayed in St Louis back in 2010. The food was just as good as the last time we ate there. The resteraunt is a block away from Hotel Ignacio and right across the street from Fox Theatre. I highly recommend eating there if you plan on going to a show at the Fox Theatre.

After we finished our meal we headed across the street to the Fox Theatre for the O.A.R. concert. I’ve always enjoyed O.A.R. since I first them in college, but never really kept up with their music. They put on a good show and nearly packed out the theatre (most of the upper deck was filled). The surprise of the evening was Rebelution, who opened up the show. I had never heard of them before the show, but I thoroughly enjoyed their set. They’re a reggae band and afterwards I learned they are one of the more popular reggae bands.

Friday was all day fun at Six Flags. We road every water slide and roller coaster they had. Well except for the tea cups, because those things will make me puke for hours. I can’t handle the tight spinning. Makes me sick just thinking about it. The highlight for me was the Bonzai Pipeline. You are basically standing straight up in the tube, leaning against the back wall. Then all of the sudden the floor drops out from beneath you and you take off down this tube. From the Six Flags website:

After reaching the top of the six-story structure, you’ll step into the enclosed capsule where the floor drops out beneath you, sending you free-falling down the slide at 40 mph and into a side “super loop.” Bonzai Pipeline’s 290-foot clear tubes let spectators watch as you shoot through the
360˚ loops and splash out into the water below.

Friday night we ended with me getting an awesome birthday dinner at Morton’s. Definitely one of the better steaks I’ve ever had.

On Saturday we decided we were going to get up and go check out Pappy’s for lunch. I believe Urbanspoon had it ranked as it’s #1 place to eat when visiting St Louis. We arrived when the doors opened at 11:00am and ended up waiting an hour. We were not disappointed. The line stretched through the restaurant, down a hallway, back down the other side of the hallway, out the door and around the corner of the restaurant. The ribs were awesome and you’ve got to try the frito pie with some bbq. After lunch we let the girls go to the mall for a little bit and shop.

During the day I noticed on Facebook that a friend of mine from high school was in St Louis and had plans to see Josh Ritter. Before then I had never heard of Josh Ritter, but when I looked him up to listen to a few songs, I noticed that he was playing at a place called Plush, which is just two blocks from our hotel. Being a fan of live music, especially when it’s walking distance away, I figured let’s just go check this guy out. I’m gladly we did because they put on a pretty good show.

I’m sure there are a few things I missed from our trip, but this is the best I could do from memory. I had a great time, really enjoyed the bands we got to see and feel very fortunate to get to celebrate my 30th birthday with my wife and some good friends.

Here are some pictures/videos from the weekend.