Disney World & Disney Cruise 2012 Edition

Last week was fun. We headed down to Disney World for a few days and then boarded a Disney Cruise ship for a few more.

At Disney World we stayed at Old Key West Resort in a two bedroom studio apartment type room. It was a nice setup, especially since we had 7 people on this trip. Jessica’s fiance, Nick, ended up sleeping on a couch. I don’t feel sorry for him, because they made me sleep on couches until I married into the family :)

Siler had a good time at all the parks riding rides and seeing the characters. This year was a little different than last year’s Disney World trip, because Siler knew what was going on. Last year (as a 1.5 year old) she would just follow you and do whatever you said. This year (as a 2.5 year old) she had her own opinions about what we would do and where we would go. The first thing we did was buy one of those Princess autograph books so all the characters could sign it. It was cute to watch her walk around with it.

One night we did this Luau dinner and show thing. At one point during the show they pick pretty girls out of the audience and teach them to hula. By the end of this lesson they kind of trick them into booty shakin. It just so happened that they choose Jessica to go on stage for a hula lesson. Now I won’t deny that there is video of her doing the hula/booty shake, but I doubt any of you will ever see it.

After a few days at Disney World we then boarded the Disney Cruise ship. This was my first cruise ship experience. Thankfully I was given a “patch” and never got sea sick. The cruise ship had about 11 decks, 3 swimming pools, 2 water slides, 3 restaurants, 2 movie theatres and a 24 hour ice cream cone machine. It was a lot of fun and would have been even more fun if Hurricane Sandy wouldn’t have gotten in the way. We ended up taking a different route because of it.

Below are a bunch of pictures and videos of our trip.

Flickr page with all photos tagged #disneyworld2012
YouTube videos 1, 2 & 3 of our trip. Video 3 is embedded below.