Savannah, GA and Hilton Head Island, SC

Labor Day weekend we took off on a 12 hour car ride with Jess and Nick. We left Jonesboro about 8:30pm Friday night. Our original plan was to leave on Saturday, but we got anxious. I drove for about 8 hours until we got well past Atlanta and then I let Nick take us to Augusta, GA.

We arrived in Augusta about 8:00am Saturday morning. We ended up checking into a hotel and taking about a 7 hour nap. Our vacation plan was to stay one night in Augusta and then finish the trip to Hilton Head the next day. My most memorable moments in Augusta were the downtown area, the shopping area by the river, The Pirates House restaurant and the most entertaining, but unprofessional cab driver in the world.

Saturday afternoon we arrived at our hotel, Sonesta Resort, and we were all impressed. I was a little worried because the hotel was the cheapest options I found (with a certain amount of star rating). The other thing that worried me was that I wasn’t 100% sure it was on the beach, because of the way it showed up when you mapped it. It turned out the hotel had been recently renovated and was right on the beach.

We rented some bicycles from the resort and rode about 10 miles every day. The island basically had a bike path that went around the whole island. Of course we never made it that far, but we did ride some pretty good distances and even got to ride on the beach. My favorite part of the trip was the paddle boarding. I liked it enough that I want to buy a board and take it to the lake.

The whole Hilton Head Island is really nice and I would definitely want to go back. The 12 hour drive was a bit rough and I would probably make sure to fly if we ever go back.


What: Vacation 2013
Where: Savannah, GA & Hilton Head Island, SC
When: August 30th to September 7th
Who: Me, Jennifer, Jessica, Nick
Why: Wanted to go to a beach none of us had been to before.
Memorable Augusta Moments

  • Old Downtown
    – Shopping area by the river downtown
  • Awesome food at The Pirates House
  • Very entertaining cab driver who was hilariously unprofessional

Memorable Hilton Head Moments