St. Louis 2015 – Nelly – TLC – NKOTB

NKOTBWell we went back to St. Louis for an extended weekend concert vacation. This was a slightly early birthday present for Jennifer. She was fired up to see NKOTB again. If you remember the last time we went and saw them (in 2011) she was dancing, yelling and screaming the whole time. This trip our seats were a lot better. We were about 10ft away from the tunnel that everyone came running out of.

The concert was on a Friday night. On Saturday we walked around the downtown area and went up the Arch. I had no idea the elevator was so small and oddly egg shaped. It was kinda weird. Once we got to the top I was surprised how the view allows you to pretty much look straight down. I felt like I was going to fall straight down to the ground. While walking downtown we noticed a boutique shopping event going on across the street from the Cardinals stadium. They had a couple of those boutique shopping trucks. Jennifer was all excited and felt like she was “big city living” as I like to call it. She even bought a dress from one of them. It was another awesome trip and I’m sure we’ll find a reason to go back and visit St. Louis again.

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I still need to cut up the videos I took of Jennifer at the concert and mash em together. Once I do I’ll add a link to it.