American Girl Doll Store

We took Siler to visit the American Girl Doll store in St. Louis, MO. She is all about the American Girl Doll stuff right now. We stayed at a hotel and you could see the store from our window, which made Siler very excited. What we ended up doing was going to the official American Girl Doll store first and seeing what all dolls, toys and accessories they had and which ones Siler liked the most. Then we took her to Target and found the cheaper knock-off dolls/accessories and told her she could pick whichever one she wanted. It was a pretty good plan. Siler didn’t know the difference so she was happy about getting a bunch of accessories. Jennifer and I were happy because we ended up paying closer to $10 for a toy at Target instead of $50 for almost the exact same thing at the “Official American Girl Doll Store”.

It was a really fun trip for all of us.